Can I Mail Lithium Batteries?

Are you looking to mail a lithium battery but not sure if it’s allowed? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! In this blog post, we’ll answer the question “can I mail lithium batteries?” and give you some tips on how to package them safely.

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Can I Mail Lithium batteries? Yes, you can mail Lithium batteries. The best way to send lithium batteries is in a small box with lots of padding, so that they don’t get damaged during the shipping process.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at what those restrictions are and provide some tips for mailing lithium ion batteries.

Mailing Lithium Batteries:

Simply put, A Lithium battery is a type of rechargeable battery used widely for portable electronic devices. It consists of an electrochemical cell with two electrodes made from graphite intercalated with lithium ions, typically inserted into a plastic case. 

The first step that needs to be taken before mailing any Lithium Battery is obtaining proper packaging materials such as bubble wrap or packing peanuts that will help cushion the fragile items during transit.

Can I Mail lithium batteries to Another State?

Can I Mail Lithium batteries to another state? Yes, you can mail Lithium batteries to another state. If you want your lithium battery to arrive at its destination in a safe condition, it is recommended that you use an express mail service like FedEx or UPS.

If you are looking to mail lithium batteries to another state, you will need a lithium battery container that is certified by the US Postal Service. 

You will also need a mailing label with postage already applied and a Certificate of Mailing. The final step is to find the address of the recipient’s local post office where they can pick up their package.

Can I Mail lithium batteries through UPS?

Can I Mail Lithium batteries through UPS? Yes, lithium batteries can be mailed through UPS. The best way to ship lithium batteries is by using a Priority Mail Flat Rate box and bubble wrap. This will ensure that your package arrives safely without any damage.

When mailing lithium batteries, UPS recommends using a Priority Mail Flat Rate Box. These boxes have internal padding, so the risk of damage to the batteries and loss of power is minimized.

UPS does not recommend the use of Small Package boxes for shipping lithium batteries because they are too small and can result in damage to the battery. If you do not have a box, you may be able to use bubble wrap or foam packing peanuts instead.

If you are not using a lithium battery packaging box, then make sure that your shipment is properly labelled with “batteries” written on it in red ink. This will help prevent any mix-ups at customs or other points of entry into the country.

Can I Mail lithium batteries through FedEx?

Can I Mail Lithium batteries through FedEx? Yes, you can. But they must be properly packaged to prevent damage. Lithium batteries can be shipped through FedEx Express Services in original packaging and must not exceed 100 watt-hours per package. 

The following items are required for shipping lithium batteries: 

• A manifest listing the name of the shipper and consignee with their addresses; 

• The number of packages and their weight or volume; 

• Each package’s quantity and type (example: two lithium-ion cells in a poly bag); 

• Labels indicating the type of shipment (example: Lithium-Ion Battery).

FedEx only accepts lithium-ion batteries that have been manufactured specifically for shipment in accordance with the requirements of IATA (International Air Transport Association) Dangerous Goods Regulations, Annexes II and III, which is an international set of rules established to ensure safe transportation of goods by air.

In order to send lithium-ion batteries through FedEx you will need to contact your local FedEx office and ask them if they can ship these batteries.

Can I Mail lithium batteries through USPS?

Can I Mail Lithium Batteries through USPS? Yes, you can. It is recommended that you use an extra battery case to prevent damage to the battery. In order to ship lithium batteries via USPS, they must be within their original packaging with no signs of tampering. 

First, you need to get a shipping label from USPS. Then put it in a plastic bag. Put the bag inside of the box with your mailing label on it. Finally, seal up the box and drop it off at your local post office for them to send out.

A common mistake is putting lithium batteries in regular mail or dropping them off at any other store or business that would be willing to take them as they are hazardous materials and can explode if mishandled.

Can I Mail lithium batteries Internationally?

Can I Mail Lithium batteries Internationally? Yes, you can. Lithium batteries can be mailed internationally, but it is a complicated process. In addition, lithium batteries should not exceed 100-watt hours in capacity or 8 grams in weight per cell.

To start, you will need to find out what country the recipient is in and whether they are on the EU or US list of restricted items.

If they are not on either list, then you will need to contact their postal service and let them know that you want to mail a lithium battery internationally. You should also provide them with any special documentation needed for your package (like an invoice) so that they can verify its contents and accept it for delivery.

There are many factors that affect the mailing of lithium batteries. One of the major ones is whether or not they are classified as hazardous materials. If they are, then there is a good chance that they will be held at customs and inspected before being allowed to be mailed internationally.