What to Do If UPS Misses Your Delivery

When UPS fails to deliver your package, it depicts that the delivery did not occur as per the originally scheduled delivery timeline. Even though such instances are rare, numerous factors can lead to missed delivery.

Let’s delve into these circumstances.  

Why Might UPS Miss a Delivery?

1. Incorrect Address

A common cause of missed UPS delivery is incorrect or incomplete address. People tend to provide addresses that lack clarity or contain errors, which makes it extremely challenging for even the most diligent UPS delivery personnel to locate the intended destination. Attempts are usually made to contact the parties involved to rectify the address issue. The package is typically returned to the sender if the address issue remains unsolved. 

2. No One Home to Sign for Package

For security reasons, some packages are only delivered with a signature. Packages requiring a signature upon delivery are not left at the doorsteps by the delivery personnel. If no one is available to sign the package, the delivery personnel will take the parcel back with him. A note is usually left at the recipient’s address to denote that the delivery attempt was made. The note includes instructions for further assistance.

3. Weather or Traffic Delays

Weather or traffic delays can also obstruct package delivery, leading to packages not arriving on time. Weather and traffic-related issues include heavy rains, extreme snow, traffic jams, road closures, road accidents, and things along the same lines. While UPS attempts to deliver packages on schedule at all times, most of these delivery-hampering external factors are beyond their control.

4. Package Damage During Transit

In some cases, packages can get damaged during transit, especially when fragile items are not packaged appropriately. At times, the incurred damage can be such that the package will be unsuitable for delivery, leading to missed deliveries. In such scenarios, a person should contact UPS to initiate corrective action. 

What Should You Do If UPS Misses Your Delivery?

If you are expecting a package from UPS but didn’t receive it, you can take the following course of action. 

1. Check the Tracking Information

One of the easiest ways to trace the package is to use the original tracking number to monitor its status. If a delivery notice is left at your doorstep, you can also use that information to track the package. Once you have the information regarding the status of the package, you can strategize the next course of action accordingly. 

2. Contact UPS Customer Service

When seeking assistance for missed packages, you can also contact the UPS customer service team to get all the relevant information regarding the missing package. They have their toll-free number listed on their official website. To obtain the number, navigate to the ‘Contact US’ page. Contacting them directly is particularly helpful for urgent inquiries. 

3. Reschedule the Delivery 

UPS understands that unexpected circumstances can prevent some customers from receiving the package on the originally scheduled delivery date. Therefore, they allow you to reschedule the delivery of the missed package. You can choose a specific delivery date when it’s most convenient for you to receive the package.

4. Pick Up the Package from a UPS Access Point 

You can also authorize the delivery to a nearby UPS location so that you can pick it up from there at your own ease. UPS will hold the package for up to seven days from the day of the first delivery attempt. It’s important that you track the package so that you know that it has arrived at the specified UPS access point. 

5. File a Claim for Lost or Damaged Packages

If you discover that your package is damaged or lost during transit, you can file a claim with UPS. They will arrange for a replacement or reimburse you, depending on your preference and the circumstances of the claim. Before compensating, they will launch an investigation to determine the claim’s validity.

How Can You Prevent Missed Deliveries in the Future?

You will have to take some proactive steps from your end to prevent instances of missed deliveries. 

1. Use Correct and Complete Shipping Information 

Before finalizing the order, you must always check the accuracy of the shipping information, including the recipient’s name, address, and contact details. You can greatly minimize the risk of missed deliveries by supplying accurate information. If you have specific instructions for the delivery driver, leave a delivery note with the package.  

2. Request a Signature Release 

The signature release option lets you authorize UPS to leave the package at the designated address without a signature upon delivery. Even though this option offers more flexibility around a busy schedule, it’s important that you don’t consider this option for high-value items because of the involved risk.

3. Use UPS My Choice for Advanced Delivery Notifications and Options 

UPS My Choice is an advanced tool that empowers one to effectively manage their deliverables. Besides tracking the package, the tool allows one to add delivery instructions, reschedule packages, and seek enhanced package security. Additionally, it also helps one set delivery alerts to receive timely notifications related to the shipment.

4. Consider Using an Alternate Delivery Address 

When other commitments prevent you from receiving the package at the scheduled delivery address, you can provide an alternate address to ensure the successful delivery of the item. If your workplace permits delivery during business hours, you can direct the package to your office address. Alternatively, you can coordinate with your neighbors to have them collect the package on your behalf at their address.

What Are Your Rights If UPS Misses a Delivery?

Reschedule Delivery  

UPS usually allows you to reschedule the delivery at a more convenient time when you will be available to receive the package. 

Seek a Compensation

In certain scenarios, when UPS fails to meet its service guarantee, you can claim a refund or compensation. 

File a Claim

You also have the right to file a claim with UPS to seek resolution for damaged, lost, or misplaced UPS packages. 

Go to the Court

As a final resort, you can take the matter to court if you believe UPS has not done enough to resolve your issue satisfactorily.