Can I Mail Gift Cards?

Gift cards are the perfect choice for a gift to family or friends. In this post, we will talk about how to mail gift cards. If you have never sent a gift card before, then this post is for you.

Can I Mail Gift Cards? If you’re looking to mail a gift card within the United States, the answer is generally yes, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Overseas, however, it’s not as easy – and sometimes it’s not even possible.

Here’s what you need to know about mailing gift cards domestically and abroad.

Mailing Gift Cards

USPS charges $1.90 return shipping and insurance on a gift card valued between $10 and $100 which is still cheaper than most international airmail rates. 

 There’s no need to get into sales tax with mailing gifts from the US, just add postage as you would any other information on your postcard blank in which you’ve sent your money!

You will find one blank on a postcard which you can fill in with your information.  It may seem obvious, but it’s likely that the person to whom they are being sent doesn’t know what he or she wants as gifts! Pick something meaningful and different from typical gift card/wallet cards that our country invents every year.

Can I Mail Gift Cards to Another State?

Can I Mail Gift Cards to another state? Yes, you can only mail a gift card if the recipient lives within the same state that you live in.  If an adult is receiving it, they will also need to fill out their own postage and remember that intrastate cards do not require customs declaration forms since mailed either letter-sized or postcard sized (but folded).

Send a letter-sized or normal size (postcard sized) gift card with the recipient’s name on it, by surface mail.   You cannot mail an envelope with this service due to restrictions placed on surface mail and will not be able to put in any information for customs declaration forms either since you have already sent your gifts across state lines. Here is how USPS describes the difference between sending a letter-sized card: “Mailed cards are the same size as standard cards (4-1/2 by 3 inches), but allow for better visibility of the address and photo on front.  In contrast, a folded card is smaller than postal stationery at only 2-3/8 x 1 inch.”

Can I Mail Gift Cards through UPS?

Can I Mail Gift Cards through UPS? Yes, you can. You can use UPS Mail Innovations to send gift cards.  This service is only available through a shipper, like the team at Package Secure, which will have you check out with their program prior to your purchase and can be used without limitation of weight or value (up to $500!). 

Since this method costs more than letter sized mail, you will want to shop around for what is your best value.  This method can be the most expensive USPS option with UPS each $1 being less in cost than if using letter-sized mail and expect additional fees on certain items (*like baby’s outfits*).  You may also not receive a tracking number from this method like other methods but your card will generally arrive sooner that its arrival date: around 2 – 4 days late.

Can I Mail Gift Cards through FedEx?

Can I Mail Gift Cards through FedEx? FedEx has a service called eGift Cards that offer for Card and Digital Gift Card options as well as MileagePlus Miles.  This is selected USPS option with FedEx readily.

Be sure to select “Add Signature Confirmation” since this service won’t send your gift card without signature.  Your order will be cancelled if not picked up within 24 hours of the time it was scheduled to arrive at FedEx’s facilities or 3 days at a USPS location (however, you can still drop off cards with no problem). Exclusions may apply and there are fees involved in shipping these types of items.

Can I Mail Gift Cards through USPS?

Can I Mail Gift Cards through USPS? Yes, you can. USPS Priority Mail Express is your best option if you need to posting cards as soon as possible or want tracking.  It costs the same as using this method than to pay a little more than you would in other methods. 

It may be worth it since USPS guarantees delivery within 2 – 4 days of the day that payment was mailed and $100 FedEx Signature vs no such guarantee with UPS Parcel Post (and can still go up at any time on a per item basis).

SPS Priority Mail Express is described as: “Generally, you must use USPS Postal Service to mail your package in a timely manner and have it delivered within the time frames indicated on schedule.”

UPS Ground is typically worth looking into sometimes when receiving packages or very high value items sold by the weight.  My general guideline, if you’re going to be waiting longer than 1 week from now for your gift card pick up is choose USPS Priority or UPS Ground then check out FedEx Only options.

Can I Mail Gift Cards Internationally?

Can I Mail Gift Cards Internationally? Yes, you can. If you need your gift card shipped to a country other than the ones where it’s not allowed, then you can ship with USPS, (ex. Albania), or else FedEx can be used.  

Just keep in mind the following things:

These options may be decent for countries where economy shipping is the norm.