Can I Mail License Plates?

Imagine this scenario: You’ve just moved to a new state and you need to get new license plates. But instead of going through the hassle of visiting the DMV, you could simply mail in your old plates and receive your new ones in the mail. It sounds too good to be true, but is it possible?

Turns out, yes it is!

Can I Mail License Plates? Yes, you can mail license plates. Please make sure that the original paper is attached and signed.

Keep reading to find out how…

Mailing License Plates:

When you order an original plate, it comes with a mailing label. You will have to affix your own street address on the mailing label and then mail in that USPS envelope provided.

You will be asked to mail your license plates in a #10 envelope that’s identical to the one used for actual registration stickers. This can be accomplished with any type of clear mailing envelope or even no-frills pizza box which is designed specifically for handling large items like registered letter and other special delivery envelopes (Certified Mail, Parcel Post and Express or Priority Mail boxes are not designed for holding 2x as many ounces).

Can I Mail License Plates to Another State?

Can I Mail License Plates to another state? Yes, you can as long as the other state accepts registrations from people in your home jurisdiction. If a certain plate is valid at one end of their map and invalid somewhere else on their second-to-last line, then it will still be valid for that particular car if you’re within that rest area. 

Check with the Secretary of State for any more detailed information about what makes a type of personalized plate permissible. If you’re mailing license plates to another state, there are two methods you can use:

1. Mail File-Along – The contact information on the bottom of these cards provides both bulk mail services and USPS tracking number access for those who want it via e-mail or web page. You can select which option best fits your needs (e-mail delivery only or file along delivery by calling 1 888 GET A FIL). 

2. Mail Tray – These self-addressed stamped (see below) envelopes are available in several sizes: small, large and extra-large. Just choose a mailing mode type depending on how many plates you want mailed to other states versus shipping to your own state first for registration transfer/renewal.

Can I Mail License Plates through UPS?

Can I Mail License Plates through UPS? Yes, license plates are accepted, but there is a charge. The following is what you’ll receive if you mail US Registered license plates by USPS through any UPS mailing method:

Payment of all postage, including allowance for insurance per [[1]] Alaskan Non-Cash Letters (only) First Class Mail with Enclose opt. first class rate labels up to a maximum package weight of 12 oz and bulk rates may apply No international charges Most goods qualify only subject to current rules Full tracking Tender – 55 cents of First-Class Mail or 65 cents for UPS (for the district where the package is going)

Except, you can use U.S. Postal Service’s flat rate priority envelopes — 3 1/2″ by 9″. That’s what we suggest if you’re mailing a box full to itself in Anchorage AK and up depending on weight:

Mail your non-address stamped license plate in an envelope NOT included with your plates (which is what the USPS allows) within the following sizes: extra-large, small, or large. Size depends on how you want addresses compressed with card sized envelopes. All mailings are sent with a proper assigned delivery profile requiring official postmark on receipt at UPS, you’ll be required to pay your carrier $115.00 You can use an additional insured package for the full amount or upgrade from up to 99 cents insurance on top of that saved by using the flat rate envelopes The flat fee is capped and does not include packing materials First class postage will apply unless you choose priority Mailing via Special Forms

Can I Mail License Plates through FedEx?

Can I Mail License Plates through FedEx? Yes, you can mail license plates through FedEx. You have to mail through priority mail and fill out all the necessary forms needed beforehand.

Send license plates received by USPS in an envelope not included on the package. Be sure to reflect a barcode number and indicate when, where, what weight and whether any other marks are present Use flat rate envelopes including 1st class postage or use your own.

Can I Mail License Plates through USPS?

Can I Mail License Plates through USPS? Yes, you can. All mailings must be sent with proper postmark as required by USPS Processing service. Priority First Class postage applies.

USPS mail their mail pieces (license plates) via a flat rate priority envelope within these standards: 1″ x 4-1/2″. The standard itself doesn’t change but it is no longer the exact size posted by USPS. This means specialized envelopes need to be ordered which cannot hold a cardboard insert those folds over all four sides in order for your package to fit properly. The flat rate envelope is 3 1/2″ x 9″. Latex or normal printing on material eligible and stamp may be used up to 90 business days after mailing as long as it meets standards. For official shipments above 2 pounds, use pre-paid Priority Mail flat rate envelope to pay an additional $0.65 per pound

Can I Mail License Plates Internationally?

Can I Mail License Plates Internationally? Yes, you can. Category 1 plates can only be mailed internationally with Priority International service by way of two international envelopes.

USPS gives priority handling of international requests unless the package must be sent using a different class of service. 

Priority Mail International (with insurance) only $13.01 Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelopes are permitted to ship international priority mail packages that weigh less than 20 lbs.

Currency in mid-eastern Europe or Africa flat rate envelope is required for parcels weighing more than 2 lbs, even if they meet USPS weight requirements.