Can I Mail Gold?

The question “Can I mail gold?” is among the most common ones asked by those who want to buy gold. After all, it’s an age-old question that has led to many scams and fake products.

Can I mail gold? Yes, you can mail gold. However, you will need to package it securely so that it does not get damaged in transit. You may also need to declare the value of the gold when sending it through the mail.

In this article, we will provide you with valuable information about how you can mail gold, why you should buy online, and how to ensure that you are not scammed.

Mailing Gold

Prior to 1930, the U.S. Post Office (USPS) did not collect fees for the delivery of gold coins and bars through postal mail, which meant that collecting these institutions could qualify as lawful collection transactions if they legally obtained individuals’ physical possession as required by federal law at various times over the years—i.e., if someone knew or should have known that their property had been mailed via US Priority Mail.

However, since 1930, the USPS has charged a fee for all Priority Mail services—which includes gold shipments. Typically, these mailings either are processed by private security companies (e.g., United States Security Guard Service), or this service is performed directly via licensed postal employees. 

Can I Mail Gold to Another State?

Can I Mail Gold to another state? Yes, you can. In order to mail a package with gold or other precious metals in it, the seller must obtain at least an Individual number which indicates that his/her objective is not to generally “sell” said items. 

Instead, gold and silver merchants who typically sell their products organized as co-branded (i.e., via retail dealers are able to issue one primary USP Cash contract when they apply for their gold and silver payment carrier authority. 

This designation is not a requirement, but it does indicate to the USPS that all proceeds made by individuals for which this allows should automatically be delivered solely in national/state funds into an account of authorized people(s). 

Can I Mail Gold through UPS?

Can I Mail Gold through UPS? Yes, you can. To receive gold shipments of any size, mailers must establish a valid United States Postal Service 7-digit account number and include it on the package label with their insured mailing. Follow these steps:

First you would need to get yourself one or more of the following:

1) USPS Priority Mail label (or another equivalent “mailing” label—which can be obtained in most typical stationary supplies/stores). 

2) A valid CASS gold bar(s), preferably not larger than 11 ounces and bearing a serial number clearly displaying an entered amount(s). The Physical weight is your actual sum total stated by your total ounces by weight. 

3) A gold coin(s) or other numismatic item, from which you will be able to note all markings and apportion the value at least according to 1-ounce denominations.

Also, keep in mind that UPS allows for delivery of these items undelivered – so if one can pick up their package on a date chosen—then Gold Sellers are able accept any payments via USPS using the above means.

Can I Mail Gold through FedEx?

Can I Mail Gold through FedEx? Yes, you can. A valid FedEx account number is required to ship gold items over $10,000. For package deliveries of precious metals, the shipper must provide a packing list (receipt) and the customer’s contact information for the recipient along with their signature.

1) Develop a FedEx account number. 

2) Create an invoice with the following info: Weight, overall dimensions (length x width x height), package contents and insured value of USPS shipment. Package should also include your “A/P” or signed address as well as contact information including full name and phone number(s). If option to print labels is included on FedEx’s site, then make sure that you select it once finished building the invoice.

3) Start a package on your UPS account and register the FedEx tracking number under item information so that you can track its delivery.

Can I Mail Gold through USPS?

Can I Mail Gold through USPS? Yes, you can. USPS allows mailers to ship up to 5 grams of gold per transaction, twelve 50 oz APM bars (in either individual or bulk quantities) and an unlimited number of non-precious metal items ($24.95 flat charge for all other shipments).

All packages will be insured during delivery by the United States Postal Service via USPS Tracked Flat Rate option at no extra cost to package size(s). If USPS is selected as your shipper, the customer will need to guarantee their packages for $150 per package. 

Can I Mail Gold Internationally?

Can I Mail Gold Internationally? Yes, you can. International package purchases with a total value over $500 will be subject to reduced pricing and require additional documents. The customer’s country of origin as well as their provider must match what is listed in FedEx Express requirements.

There are a few things to keep in mind when mailing gold internationally. 

First, make sure that you are aware of any import taxes that may apply to the gold that you are sending.

Second, be sure to pack your gold securely and declare it on your customs form.

Third, be sure to track the package throughout the entire shipping process so that you know when it has arrived and where it is.

Fourth, be sure to ask questions about international shipping options if you have any doubts or concerns.

And finally, always consult with an experienced international shipping consultant before mailing gold overseas.