Can I Mail Oil?

As everyone knows, the postal service is in rough shape. Between the internet and email, there isn’t much need for snail mail anymore. But what about oil?

Can I Mail Oil? Yes, you can mail oil. However, there are some rules and regulations to follow before you can use it for your own personal or business needs.

Here’s how it works.

Mailing Oil:

For those of you who are a little cautious when it comes to mailing oils, please be advised that while they make beautiful presentation pieces in the large bottles. Please be sure the address is safe and secure from prying eyes. Please send if over $30 worth of shipping because their weight might get capped. Add a label to your bottle. You would be responsible for actual shipping via a flat rate box or some sort of other envelope, insurance and the $2.00 packaging fee.

Can I Mail Oil to Another State?

Can I Mail Oil to another state? Yes, you can. Be advised that there are shipping costs for filling out the inventory list. The USPS requires any liquid oils or sprays that are being mailed via registered mail to include a label with their official rules and regulations. Mailing oils as gifts is allowed.  Just be sure what you are doing it all together before they ship!

The only safe way to ship oils is via Priority Mail for $18 and a Flat Rate box.

Please be sure to include the following:

-A copy of the parcel’s contents 

-A note stating that you will be filling out a USPS inventory form, they can usually fax or e-mail one to keep it easy.

Can I Mail Oil Through UPS?

Can I Mail Oil through UPS? Yes, Oil, especially smaller bottles of oil can be sent via UPS. Please note that it will cost a little more since they are unable to use their standard size flat rate boxes and you will have to provide your own packing material.

How to Mail Oil Through UPS: 

Please make sure to leave the following information:

-Make sure it is less than 40 oz. If over that it has a $15 surcharge for shipping and must go through UPS’ registered mail (reserved).

-Shipment should be sent only in flat rate boxes, packing tape or bubble wrap. You are free to provide other materials such as foam peanuts, newspaper etc at your own expense (since you’ll have to buy new ones upon arrival).

-Request a signature confirmation (two lines of text across the top on your receipt) take note that they require all shipments to include: what was mailed, total weight and value. So be sure not to send them an empty box or else it could end up being subject only as “personal” mail that can get returned since you’re shipping unused products or cut off items by accident.  Also note they can trace a shipment and you will be charged for every day shipping if requested. They are also able to cover price of the box but not packing material, so please pack it well 

Can I Mail Oil Through FedEx?

Can I Mail Oil through FedEx? Yes, you can if you are shipping over 40oz. If shipped commercial mail or signature confirmation is required. Due to federal regulations regarding naturals oil shipments though this method may be more costly than using another shipping company like USPS.

Find a FedEx office near you. Go to their website and fill out the online form to ship oil through them, they will contact you regarding shipping confirmation (signature of required items) if needed or address information included in order. Write out what is being shipped on receipt notes/arrival slip Use your $15-$35 preferred option 3-day express service Flat Rate Boxes are allowed up 10lbs per box; there’s no overcharge for shipping with this option and they have the lowest rate on boxes according to my research. The only exception is when you order multiple or heavy items, a box can only hold up to 59 lbs including oil in the US (unclear overseas) Pack carefully and ensure your package since it’s illegal not do so for any other type of mail.

Can I Mail Oil Through USPS?

Can I Mail Oil through USPS? Yes, you can. Use Priority Mail for oil up to 5lbs and it’s always shipped, you have to provide a phone number, however an account that allows your order is set with USPS so they can contact the carrier when tracking information has been provided. 

Find a USPS office near you. Tell the clerk how many pounds of product and oil (in ounces) Packaging is dependent on your options; some people simply place an order for 2 oz., 5 gal available to ship (about $400 dollars depending on destination), others go with up to 20-pound container sizes before thinking about other shipping methods.

Can I Mail Oil Internationally?

Can I Mail Oil Internationally? Yes, you can mail oil internationally. Oil is not a controlled substance, there are no laws that limit the amount of oil shipped and it’s unusual to be restricted or suspect.

It usually takes 1-2 days but can take longer depending on volume switch times; as all shipping methods vary. It’s quite possible, you could ship the same day but realistically it will be there around 1 week so we recommend checking an online tracking system to check on your package daily.

USPS Priority Mail International shipping (they allow this method) is the most reliable with US going to Canada, UK and Australia. There are options for several other countries as well; we send through international USPS depending on destination.

Shipments will be shipped USPS First Class International: Estimate between $30-$50. To Canada you’ll need to enter your destination country name, because of limited information (and due out customs fees).