Can I Mail Cookies?

Cookies are a delicious and popular treat that many people love to enjoy. However, there can be some confusion about how to transport them. Can you mail cookies? The answer may surprise you! Keep reading to find out more information about mailing cookies.

Can I Mail Cookies? Yes, you can mail cookies. There are many ways to ship cookies but USPS First Class Mail is the most efficient way to ship them.

Mailing Cookies

To ship cookies, you need to put them in a container that is airtight and waterproof. You can use paper bags or boxes.

If you are using the box method, make sure you have the necessary number of boxes for your products and leave an extra box for future orders.

Also, make sure to write down on each box what is inside it so that it will be handled carefully.

Once all the items are packaged, seal them properly with tape or glue gun then place them in a cool dry place where there is enough ventilation.

Keep an eye on your package as there might be leakage if not sealed properly but most likely won’t happen if kept away from children’s reach.

After a few days, check how many packages have been sent out and send out more if required until everything has been shipped out to the receiver’s home!

Mailing Cookies to Another State

Can I Mail cookies to another state? Certainly, you can. You can use services such as UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc to mail cookies to another state.

Place cookies in a secure bag or container. Keep the outer shipping paper and order information as well as expiration dates, wet icing tips and syringes away from moisture so they don’t get slushy, this preserves freshness over time without degradation of taste. (Some bakeries will not accept spoiled foods). 

For mailing purposes, you can use an address label if it is larger than the carrier envelope but place them in a secure wrapping or bag with foam peanuts to minimize shipper losses.

Hint: there is another reason it’s important not to slush the cookies during transport, and that is moisture off of icing can make your cookie pie crust tear if the carrier envelope isn’t well sealed.

For shorter mailing distances, you may use direct heat preserved packaging IMO or send through Priority Mail International using their pre-paid bubble envelopes without the outer package cover and hope for delivery.

Remember if you use a Direct Mail International envelope to include RECIPIENT name + address in the SHIPPING ADDRESS section of your order unless future tracking is an option that available, because DMI does not offer any physical mail returns capabilities by US postal service.

Mailing Cookies Through UPS

Can I Mail Cookies through UPS? Yes, you can. Mailing cooking within the states is very convenient using the UPS services.

When mailing cookies by UPS or Fed Ex, send the package through USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate (ex. 100 boxes to the same city) and then provide an “Additional Charge Info” label that costs $19 per box.

If you contact your vendor for a pre-paid postage service option lastly note: Liquid icing use is prohibited in padded envelopes as it looks like water leaking from damaged padding!

Nonliquid decorative edible products may be sent by Mail to cut down on shipping costs.

Mailing Cookies Through FedEx

Can I mail cookies through FedEx? Yes, you can. Although, stuff the cookies in a tightly packed box that is hard so that they don’t break.

When mailing cookies by FedEx, it is suggested that you use a Fed Ex Web Prepaid box for less than 100 boxes shipped to the same location.

Also note: Use binder clips or duct tape round corners above and below opening of each individual cookie packet NOT around entire Mailer Box as these may cut into the return address table tangling bag zip code information + length+ postcode’s letters destroying interior structure of the shipping box.

Mailing Cookies Through USPS

Can I mail cookies through USPS? Yes, you can mail cookies through USPS. Just be sure to pack them in an airtight container and to include a note that says the cookies are for personal consumption only – otherwise, they may be subject to postal regulations regarding food shipments.


When mailing cookies by USPS, place the order with your vendor – customer support will provide a prepaid shipping label to include in the delivery/mailing email.

The more cookies you ship per box less postage is paid so look at SPEED TIER options to reduce costs. 

By using the USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail, it is possible to ship 100 boxes or more within 2 business days anywhere in the Country & Int’l. 

Do not include an “Additional Charge Info” label on your package – but use a Post Office Store secure recycling sanction box for this and any other product associated with your identity. 

If the order contains cakes or cookies add an additional $5-$10 PRIORITY FLAT RATE (2-3 business days delivery) shipping charge to your invoice for bulky, oversized items!

Mailing Cookies Internationally:

Can I Mail Cookies Internationally? Yes, you can. UPS delivery takes just over a week and costs approximately 50% more than USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail.

For international cookie & cake orders, domestic or overnight shipping is the most affordable path to take. Shipping costs vary widely depending on whether you are using USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail or UPS (top box) and also how many packages fall within your product grouping category – “Greeting” vs “Cake Desserts”.

For example: Cookie/cake bulk delivery for an international business as part of a local promotion can be sent via USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail for an additional 40 cents with a small product group (commercial jello shots, candy bars, etc.) with multiple orders and the Cookie/cake-only bulk delivery can be sent via USPS Flat Rate which will hold up to 4 boxes per order in many cases.

UPS is not available to international countries so you should consider overnight shipping (in under three business days) using United States Postal Service’s Express Mail International service.