Does FedEx Deliver USPS Packages?

No, FedEx does not typically deliver USPS packages as a standard practice. FedEx and USPS do collaborate for certain services like FedEx SmartPost, where FedEx handles the initial transportation and USPS completes the final delivery. However, this collaboration is confined to domestic shipments, and FedEx does not use USPS for international shipping.

Can FedEx Packages Be Picked Up at USPS?

Unfortunately, FedEx packages cannot be picked up at USPS. For pickups, FedEx requires customers to visit FedEx locations, not USPS centers. If the package is already on its way, you can utilize the ‘FedEx Hold for Pickup’ service.

This specialized service makes it possible to hold incoming packages at FedEx centers close to your home or work locations until you are prepared to pick them up.

What is the Relationship Between FedEx and USPS? 

1. FedEx SmartPost

FedEx and USPS collaborate for a service called FedEx SmartPost, where FedEx transports the package initially and hands it to USPS, who then does the final leg of the delivery. 

2. FedEx Ground Economy Shipping

From pick-up to transportation, FedEx handles the entire shipping process with FedEx Ground Economy service. However, FedEx cannot deliver packages to certain P.O. boxes and military addresses. Since USPS is the only carrier to deliver to these addresses, FedEx uses them for such deliverables. 

Does FedEx Use USPS for International Shipping?

The collaborations between FedEx and USPS are for domestic and not international shipping needs. For international shipping services, FedEx has no match. Credit to its strong global network that spans over 220 countries, FedEx does not feel the need to collaborate with USPS or any other shipping carrier for international shipping. 

What Are the Differences in Services Between FedEx and USPS?

There are a few key differences in their services which are given below:


Unlike FedEx, USPS is established to service every citizen. Irrespective of where you live, USPS has the necessary infrastructure to get the delivery done. They are the only carrier in the United States to handle and mail packages to P.O. boxes. FedEx does not deliver directly to P.O. boxes and many remote locations.

International Shipping

Although USPS does international shipping, their options are limited compared to FedEx. Spread across the globe, FedEx’s global network is a cut above the scope. They ship to various international destinations. On the other hand, USPS ships to limited international destinations. 

Tracking System

The level of tracking offered by FedEx is far more advanced than USPS. FedEx provides highly detailed tracking information and delivery updates with real-time precision. Given their robust tracking system and timely delivery, you can easily predict their deadlines. On the contrary, the tracking system of USPS is fairly basic. 

Customer Service

FedEx is not only well-regarded for speedy delivery but also for its top-notch customer service. They provide quick responses to customer queries. The same level of customer service is missing with USPS because of the enormous volume of packages they handle. 

What Are the Advantages of Using FedEx Over USPS?

FedEx has often been the preferred choice for specific transportation services because it’s hard to beat them in certain areas of shipping facilities. FedEx usually provides the fastest shipping services, including overnight delivery options, and they do meet their delivery commitments. In other words, they are very dependable. 

No other logistics company has as much international shipping expertise as FedEx. The company knows very well how to promptly handle customs clearance and other cross-border processes. They are often praised for handling complex shipping issues. FedEx also has a dedicated customer support team to help customers with their international shipping queries and procedures.

They provide many specialized services, such as temperature-controlled shipping, live animal shipping, cold chain shipping, specialized product packaging, hazardous material handling, priority health care shipping, and various other express services, to cater to today’s consumers’ diverse shipping needs.

What Are the Advantages of Using USPS Over FedEx?

By choosing USPS over FedEx, you get to enjoy lower rates on most shipments, both national and international. USPS will also deliver packages to the most remote or rural locations where FedEx will not go. Certain USPS services provide weekend deliveries as well. Using USPS Priority Mail Express Services, you can get your package delivered even on Sundays and other holidays.

Another major advantage of USPS over FedEx is their flat-rate box service, which allows you to ship packages of different weights at a fixed cost, irrespective of the delivery location. As long as your items fit into the designated box size, you can ship them for a flat fee, which can be particularly economical for shipping heavy items.

While FedEx may offer free packaging on limited specialized services, USPS offers free packaging on most of its delivery services. USPS will provide free boxes and envelopes of different shapes and sizes based on your shipping needs. For a few USPS services, you need to provide your own packaging, though. 

Which Should You Choose: FedEx or USPS?

The choice between these two logistics companies would largely depend on your individual shipping needs. Here are a few factors that can influence your decision.


USPS shipping services are more affordable than FedEx for both domestic and international shipments, primarily because USPS is a not-for-profit enterprise. Therefore, USPS is the best choice for price-conscious shippers who are not too concerned about the shipping speed.

Delivery Speed

If you need something delivered quickly, FedEx can come to your rescue. Although expensive, the company specializes in overnight and other time-definite shipping services. They even offer a money-back guarantee on a few of these guaranteed shipping services.

Item weight

USPS offers better rates than FedEx for lightweight packages. They also deliver such packages quickly due to their extensive distribution network. FedEx is a better choice for heavier and larger packages, though. They have a higher weight cap than USPS for shipping packages.

USPS allows a maximum weight of 70 lbs per package. On the other hand, FedEx accepts packages weighing up to 150 lbs. Given their expertise and experience, they handle bulky and oversized packages much better than their rivals. 

High-Value Items

FedEx offers higher insurance coverage than USPS on high-value shipments. They also have better protocols to handle such items. Shipments of this nature are treated with great care throughout the shipping journey, making FedEx the chosen carrier for delivering high-end items, such as watches, rings, rare cards, and more.