Can USPS Deliver Packages to FedEx?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) cannot deliver packages directly to FedEx due to a lack of formal business agreements for such service. The only exception is when the FedEx SmartPost service is used, where FedEx transports the package to a USPS office close to the recipient’s destination, and USPS delivers it to the final address. Any other direct transfers of packages between the two companies would result in logistical complexities and potential monetary loss for USPS.

Why USPS Can’t Deliver Packages to FedEx?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) cannot deliver packages to FedEx due to the absence of a formal business agreement that covers this specific scenario. USPS is primarily a postal delivery service, while FedEx operates as a courier service provider. The two companies have distinct operations, and each has its own independent tracking system, making it impossible for USPS to track packages with FedEx labels.

The only exception to this rule is when the SmartPost service is used, a joint service where FedEx transports the package to a USPS office close to the recipient’s destination, and then USPS delivers it to the final address. Outside of this service, delivering packages to FedEx would require USPS to expend extra time, effort, and resources, which would adversely affect their shipping operations and result in monetary loss, as no postage has been paid to USPS for this service.

Therefore, USPS and FedEx operate independently of each other, each providing a range of services tailored to their specific business models. USPS focuses on mail and small package delivery, while FedEx provides courier services, including express shipping, freight delivery, and logistics services.

Understanding FedEx’s Hold at Location Service

The ‘FedEx Hold at Location’ is a unique shipping method that allows you to request FedEx to hold your shipment with them. The company will hold the package until you are ready to pick it up at a future time and day. However, there are some guidelines associated with this service that you should know.

Although the ‘Hold at Location’ is a free service, the company will not hold the package for you indefinitely. If the shipment is not collected within 7 days, it will be returned as undeliverable. Moreover, not all FedEx locations offer this facility. That said, most centers do. Therefore, you will not have to travel too far to find a FedEx location that can secure your package. 

A request can be placed for the ‘Hold for Location’ service before the package is shipped or even after the package has been shipped. If a request is placed after the package has been shipped, it will be redirected to the FedEx location you indicated on your request form. 

Individuals who find this service convenient can follow the steps below to pick up the package themselves instead of getting it delivered to their address. For packages in transit, you will receive delivery updates from FedEx. The delivery message will update you about the package’s current location and the option of redirecting it to a nearby FedEx center.

When creating the shipping label, select a suitable location from the available options FedEx provides. The company will hold the package at the selected location. Once it arrives there, you will be notified so that you can pick it up during their business hours. 

Besides the tracking number, recipients are required to produce ID proof to collect the package. Any government ID proof will work for verification. If the parcel cannot be collected in person, anyone living at the same address as mentioned on the package can collect it by providing valid ID proof. 

What Are the Alternatives When USPS Can’t Deliver to FedEx?  

Since USPS cannot deliver packages to FedEx, here are some alternatives that can be considered.

Use Another Carrier

If you are open to using a different shipping carrier, you can use the local courier service. You can even use other popular shipping carriers like UPS or DHL to get the package delivered to your chosen address.

FedEx Delivery Manager

If your item is already in transit, you can use the FedEx Delivery Manager service to customize the delivery options according to your convenience. 

Using this service, you can reroute the package to a nearby FedEx center. You can also request the package to be held for a week or even schedule delivery on a later day. 

How to Choose the Best Shipping Service for Your Needs?

For your package to reach from point A to point B without any difficulties, it should be handed over to the right shipping company. Here are a few pointers to help you identify which shipping company you should choose.  

Company’s Reputation

A fundamental consideration when choosing a shipping company is the company’s reputation. A solid reputation speaks a lot about the company’s reliability, customer experience, and overall performance. There will be reduced chances of lost or damaged packages. So, check online reviews to get an insight into the shortlisted shipping company’s brand image.  


Different logistics companies offer different types of shipping services with various speed options. Therefore, it helps to visit their website to see if the chosen shipping carrier provides the specific service option you need. Furthermore, see if they support the product/document you need to ship.


The cheapest service provider is normally not the best. While saving money is important, you should not be sacrificing quality. An unreliable company will cost you more through late delivery or damaged loads. So, look for a logistics company that offers a nice blend of both price and quality.

Tracking Services

It helps to choose a carrier that keeps you in the loop throughout the product’s transportation journey. A proper tracking system will lower delivery anxiety during product transportation. So, work with a company that offers detailed delivery information and delivery confirmation notification. 

Delivery Speed

If you cannot compromise on timely arrival, you should not do business with a company that does not deliver packages on time. You should choose a carrier that delivers on time and provides real-time shipping updates. You should check if the chosen company has a satisfactory LOL (level of service) rate.

Shipping Restrictions

A few logistics companies place a lot of restrictions regarding the items they can ship and to which locations. Restrictions are also placed on the weight and size of the item. So, check the list of restricted items and volume prohibitions placed by the shortlisted companies to determine whether they fit your shipping needs. 

Should You Use FedEx or USPS for Your Shipping Needs?

Of the two logistics companies, USPS is preferred for smaller and lighter packages because of the delivery efficiency and low cost. On the other hand, FedEx is often the preferred choice for larger and heavier shipments. Unlike USPS, FedEx offers a wide range of shipping services that are well-suited for complex packages. 

Another striking thing about FedEx is its delivery speed. Although reliable, USPS packages may arrive slower than packages sent through FedEx Express services. Therefore, FedEx is often the obvious choice for time-sensitive packages. The cost of these urgent delivery services is higher, though.

If cost is a major factor, it helps to stick with USPS. They offer relatively inexpensive shipping services, especially for domestic shipments. Moreover, USPS has a wider reach than FedEx in remote areas, making them a suitable carrier option for those living in remote and rural areas.

So, the choice between the two companies will depend on individual needs. For instance, FedEx also offers additional services, such as Saturday delivery, signature confirmation, special packaging, and FedEx Delivery Managers, which may be advantageous in certain scenarios.