Can DoorDash Pick Up USPS Packages?  

DoorDash handles USPS packages. They do not deliver packages to the recipient’s address, but they pick up parcels from the address listed by the customer.

But can DoorDash pick up USPS packages?

Yes, DoorDash can pick up USPS packages through its package pickup service. Customers can request a Dasher to collect and drop off prepaid, lightweight packages to a USPS center. The package must be sealed, bear appropriate shipping labels, weigh less than 30 lbs and be worth less than $500. DoorDash charges a flat fee of $5 for this service.

What is DoorDash Package Pickup Service?

DoorDash is a leading player in the food delivery business, serving millions of customers across various countries. As a part of its expansion plan, the food delivery giant has collaborated with a few logistics companies that have nothing to do with meals.

For a nominal fee, DoorDash will pick up prepaid, lightweight packages meant to be delivered through the shipping carrier of a customer’s choice, including USPS, UPS, and FedEx. The partnership allows DoorDash to leverage its existing infrastructure to meet the customer’s evolving needs.

How Does DoorDash Package Pickup Work?

Upon a pickup request, a Dasher is assigned to collect the package from the address listed by the customer. After collecting the USPS package, the Dasher will head to the nearest USPS center to drop it off. Then, USPS will collect the package during its routine delivery rounds and deliver it to the recipient.

Customers can request pick up of a total of five packages per delivery. The packages to be shipped must be properly sealed, and they must bear appropriate shipping labels. If you have a QR code, you must provide the code to the Dasher via the in-app chat.

What are the Eligibility Requirements for DoorDash Package Pickup?

DoorDash has certain requirements regarding USPS package pickup. The Dasher will only accept fully sealed, lightweight, and prepaid packages. It’s important to know that DoorDash does not provide packaging materials. There are certain weight and value restrictions as well.

The weight of the package must be under 30 lbs each, and the item must be worth less than $500. Furthermore, you cannot request DoorDash pickups for liquid, fragile, hazardous, or perishable items.

What are the Steps Involved in Requesting DoorDash Package Pickup?

Go to the Packages Section

To begin with, you need to navigate to the ‘Packages’ icon on the homepage. In this section, you will see a list of the shipping carriers with whom DoorDash has collaborated.

Select the Shipping Carrier & Package

Choose ‘ USPS ‘ from the multiple shipping carrier choices in the ‘Packages’ section to initiate the USPS pickup order. Then, select the type of package you would like the Dasher to pick up and add it to your cart.

QR Code

If you have a QR code, share it with the Dasher through the DoorDash app. You will see an option that reads, ‘I have a USPS QR code,’ which can be used to share the QR code before the pickup.

Additional Information

The app allows you to add specific instructions regarding the pickup, such as ringing the doorbell upon arrival, texting upon arrival, and so on. You can also specify whether you want to hand-deliver the package to the Dasher.

Submit the Request

The summary page will show you the cost of the service. If you agree to the charges, you can click on the ‘Accept and Continue’ tab. Once the request is placed, you can track on the app when your Dasher will arrive to pick up your package.

Importance of Having a Prepaid Package

For the overall efficiency of the delivery process, prepaid orders are recommended by DoorDash. Since the payment process will be already completed, Dashers won’t have to worry about payments, allowing them to focus solely on pickup and delivery.

Ultimately, this will improve their work efficiency as well due to reduced transaction time. There’s also zero risk of payment issues, such as declined payments, amount discrepancies, etc. Moreover, contactless pickup is possible with prepaid orders.

How Much Does DoorDash Charge for Package Pickup?

A flat fee of $5 per order is charged on all qualifying USPS pickups. DashPass members get discounted deals. They must pay only $3 per order.

What are the Benefits of Using DoorDash for Package Delivery?

Using DoorDash for package pickup will save you the hassle of going out and waiting in the queue to initiate the shipping process. The cost of using DoorDash pickup services is also low. So, it won’t mess up your finances.

Are There Any Limitations to Using DoorDash for Package Delivery?

DoorDash package pickup is not meant for large and heavy items. The service is also not suitable for extremely fragile and perishable items. Furthermore, you cannot ship alcohol, recreational drugs, dangerous chemicals, or illegal items through DoorDash. 

Can Dashers Pick Up All Types of USPS Packages?

Your Dasher can pick up all qualifying items that weigh less than 30 lbs and are worth at most $500. As a rule, the packages must not contain illegal or prohibited materials.

How Long Does It Take for a Dasher to Pick Up a Package?

Upon receiving a package pickup request, a Dasher is immediately assigned to you. Typically, a Dasher will arrive at your location within an hour or two. Also, the app lets you track the Dasher’s distance from your location.

How Can I Track My USPS Package After It Has Been Picked Up by a Dasher?

Once the Dasher drops off the package at the nearest USPS facility, you will receive a confirmation photo from your Dasher. You won’t receive any tracking number from DoorDash, though.

What Happens If My USPS Package Is Not Picked Up by a Dasher?

The DoorDash app automatically cancels orders if no Dasher is available to pick up the package. If a Dasher gets assigned and no one shows up, contact the DoorDash customer support team at +1 (855) 973-1040. They will investigate the incident and provide you with an update.

What Should I Do If I Have Problems with My Dasher’s USPS Package Pickup?

If you have issues with your pick-up order, you can consider the following things.

Contact the Dasher

If an issue can be resolved by contacting the Dasher directly, you can connect with your Dasher to resolve the problem. Upon contact, ensure that the Dasher knows the exact pickup location, time, and special instructions (if any).

Cancel Request

If the Dasher cannot find you or your package, you can cancel your request with DoorDash (before the Dasher picks up the package). If the package is picked up, a cancellation request can be initiated by calling the customer service team.


If you suspect the Dasher didn’t drop your package at a USPS facility, you can contact DoorDash to initiate an investigation. If the fraud is caught, DoorDash will reimburse up to $500 per order.

Contact USPS

Sometimes, the problem can be from USPS’s end. The only way to confirm this is by calling USPS customer support. So, consider reaching out to USPS as well when dealing with package delivery issues.