What is FedEx Onsite?

FedEx revolutionized the way we send and receive packages by introducing FedEx Onsite. The service provided by FedEx Onsite makes it much more convenient to pick-up and drop off the packaging. And Oh! Packaging too. 

FedEx Onsite is a shipping service provided by FedEx that allows customers to conveniently drop-off and pick-up their packages at partner retail locations such as grocery stores and pharmacies. The service includes features like quick and easy shipping, package tracking, intelligent returns, package reconciliation, secure delivery, and digital receipts. The service streamlines the shipping process by auto-generating tracking numbers, verifying shipment content, and providing online visibility of shipments.

In this blog, we’ll go into the nuances of FedEx Onsite – What makes it different from FedEx Office? What are its benefits? How much does the service cost?, and more! So, let’s hop into it:

What Is FedEx Onsite?

FedEx Onsite is a shipping service provided by FedEx that allows you to drop off or pick up packages. You can do so by reaching out to any partner retail store of FedEx Onsite such as Walgreens, Kroger, and Dollar General. These stores will even package your item and make sure that it is delivered to the right destination.

What Services Does FedEx Onsite Provide?

 FedEx makes it easy to access FedEx services. Let’s see how FedEx Onsite can be your future go-to choice for delivering and picking up packages:

  1. Quick and Easy Shipping: Using FedEx Onsite, you can drop or receive packages from the nearest partner location of FedEx. They will also take care of the packaging. 
  1. Convenience and Service: With FedEx Onsite, you have the flexibility of choosing any nearby partner location for package drop-off and pick-up. The friendly staff makes your shipping process even easier.
  1. Easy Returns: Just like dropping off any item for sending it to someone. You can also return items to a seller using FedEx Onsite. You just need to take the item to the nearest partner location and they’ll take care of the same.
  1. Package Tracking: When you drop off your package, you get a tracking number for the package that allows you to monitor its journey. 
  1. Tracking Number Auto-Generator: You don’t need to do any manual work of generating tracking numbers and getting into the technicalities. As soon as you drop off your package, a tracking number is auto-generated for you to monitor the package. 
  1.  Package Reconciliation: FedEx Onsite also offers package reconciliation service which means that FedEx will verify the content of your shipping with the shipping documents. This reduces the chances of errors. 
  1. Digital Receipts: With FedEx Onsite you can skip the hassle of keeping and managing paper receipts as the Onsite allows you to save and manage the digital receipts electronically.
  2. Intelligent Returns: FedEx Onsite streamlines labeling, automates tracking, and optimizes routes for return shipments. All these features make the return process extremely efficient and smarter. 
  1. Secure Delivery: FedEx has a robust system for the package security. They make sure that the package is delivered to the right destination and in a good condition. 
  1. Online Visibility: Just log into your FedEx account and you can view  detailed information about your shipments including status and tracking your package and access other relevant details. 

What Are the Benefits of Using FedEx Onsite?

The convenience of FedEx Onsite makes it a viable choice for package drop-off and pick-up. Following are the benefits of using FedEx onsite: 

  1. FedEx allows you to drop-off and pick-up packages from any nearby partner location; saving your time and effort. 
  2. FedEx Onsite Partners will take care of the packaging of your item and make sure it is  being delivered to the right destination. 
  3. You can also return any purchased item to the seller by simply dropping off the item to the nearby partner location.
  4. You can easily track the progress of your shipment by tracking your shipped item on the mobile app. 
  5. You don’t need to generate the tracking number manually. As soon as you drop off your item, a tracking number is generated automatically. 
  6. Under FedEx reconciliation services the content of your shipment is verified by FedEx. This ensures accuracy of the shipment. 
  7. Skip the hassle of managing paper receipts since you can save receipts in your mobile phone app digitally and access them anytime easily. 
  8. FedEx Onsite streamline labeling, tracking, and optimized routes for return shipments under its intelligent returns solution.
  9. The robust security system of FedEx Onsite minimizes the risk of delivery error, damage, or loss. 
  10. You can access detailed information of your shipment on a click with FedEx mobile app.

What Are the Costs of Using FedEx Onsite?

The costs of FedEx Onsite for shipping packages depends on the location, type, number, and weight of the package you are sending. Fortunately. FedEx has a “Calculate Shipping Rates” page, where you can calculate the cost of your shipment by entering the details of your package. 

What Stores Offer FedEx Onsite Services?

The partner locations of FedEx Onsite where you can drop-off or pick-up your packages could be found easily near your neighborhood. Following are the partner retailers of FedEx Onsite:

  • Shaws
  • Star Market
  • Vons
  • Dollar General
  • Walgreens
  • Albertsons
  • Kroger
  • Fredmeyer
  • Jewel-Osco
  • Randalls
  • Safeway 

What Is the Difference Between FedEx Office and FedEx Onsite?

CategoryFedEx Office FedEx Onsite 
Location You get to Pick-up or Drop Off at Standalone stores of FedEx You get to Pick-up or Drop Off at any partner location of FedEx 
Services OfferedPrinting, copying, document services, shipping, packaging, etc Primarily focuses on Shipping and Packaging 
Additional Services FedEx Office has a wider services scope. It includes personal and business services beyond shipping.Primarily focuses on dropping and picking packages
Store PresenceDedicated FedEx Office Stores located in various areas. FedEx Onsite uses various businesses as access points for pick-up an drop off.

What are the Additional Services Offered by FedEx Onsite?

FedEx Onsite primarily focuses on allowing you to pick-up and drop-off packages including packaging handling and management services. Some of their other services includes:

  • Packaging Tracking
  • Digital Receipts
  • Intelligent Returns
  • Packaging Reconciliation
  • Secure Delivery