Does Staples Use FedEx for Shipping?

Stapes is a widely known office supply retailer. Well, it also offers various shipping services and one of the mediums for shipping it uses is FedEx. FedEx is a leading global delivery company that offers a spectrum of shipping solutions for personal and business needs. 

Yes, Stapes use FedEx for Shipping. Staples offers a variety of FedEx shipping options to meet your shipping needs, including international shipping, returns, and pickup or drop-off services.

Office supply distribution is what Staples, Inc. does. It provides office supplies such as paper and pencils, computers, coffee, and coffee makers, food and a break area, seats and seating, furniture, cleaning supplies, printers, and materials for shipping, packing, and mailing. To supply its goods and services, it employs a range of delivery techniques. 

What Shipping Services Does Staples Use?

To efficiently distribute its items, Staples uses well-known shipping providers including UPS, FedEx, and USPS. Depending on where you are, regional carriers might also be used. During the checkout process, customers can select their preferred method of shipment.

What Are The Advantages Of Using FedEx?

FedEx International Priority Service has the following advantages for your significant international express parcels:

  • Express delivery of your package on schedule, or your money back
  • Call customer service hotlines worldwide
  • Simple shipment documentation
  • packing provided without charge
  • Systems for expediting customs clearance
  • Proof of delivery on every invoice, sophisticated real-time tracking information

Are There Any Fees For Using FedEx Through Staples?

Using FedEx through Staples won’t cost you anything extra. The costs will be the same as if you were shipping straight from FedEx. If Staples packs and ships your product for you, there can be a modest handling charge.

Does Staples Offer FedEx Insurance Options?

Staples does not provide FedEx insurance choices, according to FedEx. FedEx stated value is the maximum liability that FedEx assumes for a package in the event of loss, damage, delay, or misdelivery rather than shipping insurance. Depending on the destination and service, the first $100 of the declared value is free, however, shippers can add more declared value up to a specified amount.

What Are The Trackable Shipping Options With FedEx?

20,000 active FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Home Delivery, and FedEx Freight shipments can be seen when you track using your personalized tracking dashboard. Access papers, pictures, and precise tracking data, such as delivery window estimates.

Does Staples Offer Expedited Shipping with FedEx?

Yes, Staples offers FedEx expedited shipping. At Staples stores, you may select from a range of FedEx shipping choices, including FedEx Express services for both domestic and international delivery. To calculate shipping fees and transit times for your packages, you can also utilize the FedEx Shipping Calculator.

Do Staples Business Advantage Customers Get Free Shipping With FedEx?

No, customers of Staples Business Advantage do not receive free shipments from FedEx. Staples Business Advantage is a program that provides special pricing and discounts on the products that businesses use the most, however, it does not include free shipping. Staples Business Advantage is a program that provides special pricing and discounts on the products that businesses use the most, however, it does not include free shipping. 

Customers must sign up for Staples’ Rewards Programme to receive free delivery on orders totaling $49.99 or more. Customers also have the option to send, pick up, or drop off their FedEx items at a nearby Staples location.

Does Staples Offer Same-Day Delivery With FedEx?

Yes, Staples provides same-day FedEx delivery for a few services and areas. Depending on the origin and destination, customers have the option to transport their products using FedEx SameDay City, FedEx SameDay, or FedEx International Next Flight services. Online, over the phone, or in person, customers may also build, customize, and track their same-day shipments.

Does Staples Offer Return Labels With FedEx?

Yes, like the same-day delivery option staples can offer a return label with FedEx. With the preprinted label or a QR code provided by the online store, customers can make a return shipping label online or in-store, also it can be done at a FedEx office location or printing it at home. Fedex return manager is also one of the options for reprinting labels with returns.