Can I Print at FedEx? 

Yes, you can print at FedEx. FedEx offers a wide range of commercial printing services including documents, signs, banners, promotional materials, business cards, flyers, postcards, and more. They provide both full-service and self-service printing solutions, with the option to have your print jobs done by their in-house experts or use their self-service stations equipped with computers, scanners, and printers.

What Printing Services Does FedEx Offer?

FedEx stores provide professional printing services for numerous print jobs, including documents, signs, banners, promotional materials, newsletters, business cards, flyers, postcards, and more. They have skilled and knowledgeable staff to provide professional assistance. 

The company offers both full servicing and self-service printing solutions. FedEx self-service stations are fully equipped with everything required to do printing independently. From computers, scanners, printers, and more, the self-service area offers a convenient self-printing solution like nothing else out there.  

Customers can also get their print jobs done by experts available at the full-service station. Interested prospects can discuss their printing needs with their print specialists, who are well-versed in everything printing related. It’s worthwhile to proceed with this option when you are less experienced with print jobs.

Which Printing Services Are Available at FedEx 

FedEx offers printing services for an extensive range of print jobs at customer-centric prices. Let us explore the popular ones:

Marketing Material Printing

FedEx printing services can be used for printing well-made brochures, flyers, booklets, catalogs, newsletters, and other marketing materials to attract targeted audiences to your products and services.

Business Card

FedEx supports the printing of business cards and postcards as well. You can choose from several designs and finishes to finalize the design that best suits your business needs. 


FedEx lets you print different personal and business documents such as resumes, presentations, certificates, manuals, etc. You can quickly get one or more documents printed exactly how you need them.

Banner Printing

You can print banners in different shapes, sizes, and materials. FedEx lets you print visually appealing banners at their location. Their staff can guide you in choosing the appropriate materials for banner printing.

Photo Printing

FedEx allows you to print high-quality photos for personal or professional use. They simplify photo printing, enabling you to turn your best pictures into top-quality prints within minutes.


The printing of announcement cards is also available on FedEx. You can create calendars that stand out using the Canva service integrated into the FedEx platform.


FedEx printing services let you design and print personalized invitations for any occasion. You can upload your art or choose suitable designs from the choices they provide.

Additional Services

To enhance your print’s appearance, FedEx offers many additional services, such as custom printing, laminating, copying, scanning, faxing, binding, and finishing. 

What Are the Prices for Printing at FedEx?

The price for the print job will vary according to the project’s needs. That said, here is a general overview of the printing prices, which may vary slightly from one FedEx location to another.

FedEX Printing ServiceStarting PriceQuantity Options
Postcards$24.9950, 100, 250, 500
Flyers & Sales Sheet$0.55Single
Business Cards$10.00100, etc
Poster Prints$17.25Various sizes
Mounted Poster$40.99Various sizes
Outdoor Banners$99.99Single
Invitations & Announcements$24.9920, etc
Note Cards$19.9920, etc


Custom postcard printing starts at $24.99 for 50 qty. You can order from them in 50, 100, 250, or 500 quantities.

Flyers & Sales Sheet:

These start as low as $0.55 (for a single qty) and are usually made available on the same day.


For an order of 25, brochures can be printed for $27.99. Depending on the type of paper, quantity, print color, paper size, etc, the price can go up.

Business Cards:

Starting at $10.00 (for 100 qty), you can get your business cards printed at FedEx. They offer many card designs to choose from.

Poster Prints:

Available in five sizes, you can get poster prints at FedEx for a starting price of $17.25 per unit.

Mounted Poster:

Large-size mounted posters are available in 4 different sizes at a starting price of $40.99 (for 1 qty).

Outdoor Banners:

Printed on heavy-duty material, outdoor banner printing prices start at $99.99 for a single unit.


Document printing starts as low as $0.68 for full paper. Black & White paper cost starts much lower at $0.23 per unit.


The prices for certificate printing start at $0.62 per unit. Most certificate printing orders can be picked up on the same day too. 

Invitations & Announcements:

The cost of premium invitations & announcements printing both start at $24.99 for 20 qty.

Note Cards:

You can get note cards from FedEx for as low as $19.99 for 20 pieces. You can upload your own design or choose a notecard design from their portal.

How Do I Print at FedEx?

A print job at FedEx is a straightforward process. There are a few basic steps involved, which are mentioned below:

To initiate the process, you must finalize a FedEx location that offers printing solutions. Before your planned visit, it’s advisable to inspect your files for any errors. Once you arrive at the location, you can either use the self-service printing area or the full-service counter. For self-service, you can upload your files and choose the necessary printing options. 

You can also email them what you want printed; they will keep it ready when you arrive. To use the full-service counter, you must provide the printing details to the FedEx staff at the counter. Once your needs are understood, the staff will provide a quote for your printing job. Before printing, they will verify the document, layout, format, etc., to see if everything checks out well.

If you agree to the price, the staff member will upload your files and print them for you. You can then proceed to pay FedEx via your card, cash, or any other form of payment made available to you at the specific FedEx location. Finally, you can collect your prints and review them to see if the print job meets your expectations.

What Files Can Be Printed at FedEx?

FedEx printing services can be used for almost all sources of file formats, such as:

  • Microsoft Office,
  • PDF,
  • PostScript,
  • Image,
  • Adobe,
  • TXT,
  • RTF,
  • RAW,
  • BMP, and
  • EPS, among others.

For concerns regarding the accepted file formats, it’s highly suggested that you call the chosen FedEx location to receive accurate information on accepted files for printing. 

What Are the Policies and Requirements for Printing at FedEx?

Many people are unaware that not all FedEx locations offer 24-hour printing services. The availability of FedEx printing services differs from one location to another. Some locations open late and close early. Therefore, you should check the hours of operation on FedEx’s official website before your planned visit. 

It’s also important to know that not all FedEx stores provide printing services. Some locations focus only on shipping and delivery services. As a result, they lack a specific printing division. At best, a few of these stores may have limited printing capabilities and nothing extensive like the dedicated print centers.

You should ensure that you have all the necessary rights to print the materials you submit for printing. As a professional organization, FedEx takes copyright laws seriously. Therefore, they may refuse to print materials that are not copyright compliant.

They generally accept a wide variety of commonly used file formats for printing, including MS Office files, image files, and more. However, you should call the specific center beforehand to check if they accept the document you want to print.