Can FedEx Ship USPS Packages?

FedEx cannot ship USPS packages due to the distinct operations of the two entities. FedEx, a private company, and USPS, a government agency, have different systems, incentives, and procedures for handling and tracking packages.

However, through an agreement, FedEx does use USPS for the final leg of delivery for its FedEx Ground Economy service, which involves FedEx transporting the package to the nearest USPS facility, where USPS then completes the delivery.

Why Can’t FedEx Ship USPS Packages?

FedEx and USPS are separate shipping companies. Even though they both make revenue from delivery, FedEx is not USPS or the other way around. USPS is a government agency, and FedEx is a private company. 

FedEx can neither handle nor track USPS packages. There is no incentive for them to do so. Their separate shipping operations make it extremely difficult for them to handle packages with USPS labels.

Can FedEx and USPS Work Together?

FedEx uses USPS for some of its shipments. The company has an agreement with USPS for shipping lightweight, non-urgent residential shipments. This collaborative service is called the FedEx Ground Economy (formerly known as FedEx SmartPost).

When using FedEx Ground Economy services, the shipments originating from FedEx are handed over to USPS for the final leg of the delivery. FedEx does the initial transportation by moving the package to the closest USPS facility. Once the item is in USPS’s custody, they deliver it to the recipient’s address. 

The FedEx Ground Economy service is cheaper than FedEx Home delivery by approximately 20%. Hence, the service is popular among small and medium-scale businesses seeking cheaper shipping alternatives. 

FedEx finds it inefficient to deliver small packages in their big trucks. Partnering with USPS saves them money too. As expected, they pay USPS for being the final delivery partner. 

When Should You Use FedEx for Shipping?

There are many solid reasons to choose FedEx over other equivalent shipping companies. FedEx excels in many areas of shipping services. Unlike the competition, they have a smaller list of forbidden items, allowing you to ship broader kinds of items through them. 

Moreover, their delivery times are not reckless estimations. FedEx specializes in fast and timely delivery. Their Express Saver and Overnight Priority shipping services are like nothing else in the market, allowing FedEx to be the preferred carrier for time-sensitive packages. 

FedEx also has unmatched experience and expertise in international shipping. They are more familiar with all the customs procedures, which can be advantageous for international shipping services, especially when you are anticipating customs ordeals with your shipment. 

Another added benefit is that FedEx offers a dependable way to track your package during transit. Their tracking system is as robust as it can get, allowing you to view exactly where your package is every step of the way, offering great peace of mind in the process.

Good discounted deals are offered as well. Signing up for a business or personal account automatically makes you eligible for their discounted rates with no shipping volume obligations to meet. High shipping volume customers are offered special deals too. FedEx is also working hard to achieve its environmental goal of offsetting carbon emissions. 

From using alternate fuels to collaborating with various environment-friendly institutes and more, FedEx aims to reach its environmental sustainability vision by 2040. Therefore, the company is proving to be a perfect choice for the delivery needs of environment-conscious companies.

When Should You Use USPS for Shipping?

USPS prices tend to be cheaper than FedEx and others for smaller packages. Also, USPS does not impose surcharges like other private mail services to accommodate hikes in fuel prices. The price that you see on the USPS shipping label is what you end up paying and nothing more, making them a suitable shipping solution for small and budding e-commerce businesses.

Furthermore, USPS is the only shipping company that delivers shipments to P.O. Boxes and military addresses. Pick-ups are free from literally any address in the United States. Customers can also benefit greatly from their Priority Mail flat-rate service, which allows customers to ship items of any weight across any distance. 

The only condition is that the item must fit into the boxes meant for flat-rate shipping. Moreover, USPS packaging is free, which means that you can order envelopes and boxes from them for no extra cost. USPS’s extensive infrastructure gives them a larger reach as well. 

You can count on them to deliver your products even in rural areas, where other logistics companies do not go. Many people are not aware that other carriers use the services of USPS for remote shipping. The final leg of the delivery is often done by USPS and not the original shipper you choose. 

What Are Other Alternatives to FedEx and USPS?

There are quite a few alternatives to FedEx and USPS. We will introduce you to the popular ones.


Just like FedEx, UPS is a privately owned company specializing in both domestic and international delivery services. Their shipping services are best suitable for larger shipments.


Backed by FedEx, TNT enjoys a good foothold in the shipping business. The company serves customers in more than 200 countries. TNT is widely known for sticking to tight deadlines. 


DHL meets today’s customer’s precise needs for flexible and quick delivery. Not only do they offer a wide range of shipping services, but their prices are also more affordable. They are a great choice for people shopping for a dependable shipping provider. 


OnTrac is a regional shipping company that provides shippers with low-cost, fast, and reliable shipping solutions. They edge out their competition in next-day and two-day shipping services. 

Can You Drop Off USPS Packages at FedEx Locations?

No, USPS packages cannot be dropped off at FedEx locations. FedEx and USPS are separate entities with unique shipping operations and policies, and it is against FedEx’s corporate policy to accept or handle USPS shipments.

If a USPS package is accidentally left at a FedEx location, it will likely be returned to the sender or handed over to USPS, potentially causing significant delivery delays.

Can FedEx Packages Be Dropped Off at USPS Locations?

No, FedEx packages cannot be dropped off at USPS locations. This is because USPS, a government agency, will not ship boxes that carry another carrier’s logo, including FedEx, a private shipping company. FedEx packages should be dropped off at FedEx locations for proper handling and timely delivery.